XDSL (Xbox Damn Small Linux)

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The purpose of this wiki is to help people put linux onto their orignal Xbox's. You may be Wondering - What's Linux?

- Linux is another operating system like Windows or Mac. Linux can do everything that both can do (web browse, use word processing, video edit, etc.) The only difference is that Linux is free.

Are there different types of linux?

- Yes, in fact over 350 types if Linux exist.

So Which kind is used on the Xbox?

- to put it on Xbox you need to use XDSL (Xbox Damn Small Linux) The whole Operating system is just 50mb, which is extremely small and is a lot easier to run.

Is it hard to do?

- No, not at all. All you need to do is follow a link provided and burn the file to a disc. It's a .iso file, so use image burning software or it won't work. For mac users, just use disk utility in order to burn the .iso file <--- You need to softmod beforehand.

If you have a question, Just ask.

This is the revival of the xbox-linux project. The wiki has been shut down for about a year now, and as a result there's no guide to help figure out how to put linux on an original xbox. The revival has nothing to do with the orignal xbox-linux project and isn't associated in any way with the people who originally worked on it.

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    Comment: its saying that the drive is empty even though the disc is inside... i did everything and my xbox wont read it and yes it is a CD/RW disc