In order to even begin, You need to softmod. Don't freak out, it's really simple.

Follow this guide

^ I confirm that this still works (and this is 11/24/11)

You need a few things, however. Make sure that you fit the criteria below

Criteria -


- K: 1.00.5838.01

- D: 1.00.5960.01

^ above can be found on your dashboard under settings/system info/and let it scroll down until it tells you what you have.

the Kernal isn't as vital as the dashboard, meaning if you do not have D: 1.00.5960.01, it will be difficult to softmod. This can be changed by simply connecting to live and updating your firmware

Materials -

- Original Xbox

- Female USB to xbox controller port cable (you can use other methods to connect flash drives to the Xbox, however I found this to be the simplest way)

- a flash drive (no bigger than 4gb) <---this will be used to install the exploit for one of the following

- krayzie ndure softmod pack (Legally I can't give the link to you, even in 2011. So search google for it)

- Xplorer360 (search google for it)

Games for the exploit (best to worst to use) -

- Splinter cell (preferable since all copies work with exploit) ,

- Mech Assault (only non-game-of-the-year-edition) ,

- 007 - agent under fire (this isn't a good game to choose for the exploit, since you need to have a very specific brand. However, if you have the game, it wouldn't kill to look and see if it fits the criteria. Brand 1148517 works , 1148527 doesn't work. You can tell by looking on the disk)